Joint Crisis Cabinet

Topic: Cuba Missile Crisis 

Size: 50 Delegates, Single Delegate

Working Language: Chinese

Turning the page of history to 1960s, the European continent was frequently baffled by turmoil and chaos after the World War II. In the meanwhile, the world’s attention was then drawn on the Caribbean area by the end of 1962. Under such circumstances, Cuba, enduring a deteriorating bilateral relationship with the US, decided to agree on the proposals of the Soviet Union on missile deployment, which triggered the later well-known trilateral crisis threatening the hard-earned peace of the world after 1945. Joint Crisis Cabinet in Beijing International Model United Nations this year, will mainly focus on the political simulation of the Cuban Missile Crisis in the history. In a Cabinet-run system requiring real-time reactions, the US, the Soviet Union and Cuba are expected to face all-round challenges including international and domestic problems. Would there be an end of the world or a salvage of a peaceful agreement? Let’s wait and see.