International Criminal Police Organization

Topic A:Tackling Transnational Network of Drug Cultivation and Trafficking

Topic B: Suppressing Trafficking for Tissue, Cells and Organs

Size: 60 Delegates, Single Delegate

Rules of Procedure: Beijing Rules of Procedure

Working Language: English


As the world’s second largest political organization after the United Nations in terms of membership (190 by 2015), the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) aims to prevent and fight crimes through enhanced cooperation on police and security matters. The Organization works to provide law enforcement officers around the globe with high-tech infrastructure of operational support that cracks down on terrorism, genocide, illicit drug production, money laundering, weapons smuggling, and other crimes threatening public safety, meanwhile keeping itself as politically neutral as possible.

Of all illegal activities that require collaborative efforts of international police, drug-related crimes and human trafficking stand out as two of the most profitable and thus threatening crimes of the 21st century. Both involve various types and serve multiple unlawful purposes, endangering lives of millions, in rich and poor countries alike. Taken the formidable situation into serious concern, International Criminal Police Organization of Beijing International Model United Nations 2017 focuses its agenda on fighting drug-related crimes and human trafficking. Delegates are expected to come up with constructive solutions for human rights protection and world peace.