International Atomic Energy Agency

Topic A: Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy 

Topic B: The Crisis Management of Nuclear Power Plants

Size: 60 Delegates, Double Delegates

Rules of Procedure: Beijing Rules of Procedure

Working Language: English


With the huge progress of human society, the priority of acquiring renewable energy keeps rising up. Accordingly, countries are actively focusing on the development of nuclear industry. Chances are followed by challenges, however, and security concerns on the nuclear facilities are under hot debate–how to achieve global cooperation on nuclear tech and, in the mean time, to prevent the potential nuclear proliferation that might derive from such cooperation? How to reform current mechanism in order to run better supervision on each nation’s nuclear research and collaboration? What action should we take on nuclear terrorism? How to use and deal with nuclear waste more safely? What kind of emergency response mechanism ought to be in place to prevent the recurrence of the tragedy in Chernobyl and Fukushima? Such problems will be thoroughly discussed under the structure of International Atomic Energy Agency, which is an intergovernmental organization aiming for better technical cooperation on atomic energy within the UN system. This year, applying the Beijing rules of procedure, the IAEA committee will take the 60th anniversary of IAEA’s foundation as a chance to focus on main concerns of the peaceful use of nuclear energy and the crisis management of nuclear power plants.