Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC), First Committee of the General Assembly of the United Nations

Topic A: Maintaining Global Security: Terrorist Identification and Anti-recruitment

Topic B: International Cooperation in the Peaceful Use of Outer Space

Size: 50 Delegates, Single Delegate

Rules of Procedure: Beijing Rules of Procedure

Working Language: English


Topic A:

The Mission of Global anti-terrorism have never been a smooth sailing. From Al-Qaeda to Taliban, from Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement to ISIS, these names do not just stand for a certain group of extremists and vile perpetrators but real dangers to people’s life, global security and prosperity. With the advancement in science and technology, terrorists has also leveled up their conduct, making themselves more elusive to be identified and more apt in propagate their venomous ideas for new blood.

In an era of interconnectivity and globalization, anyone, whether he has an access to Internet or not ,could fall victim to terrorist recruitment. These at-risk citizens are now blurring the line between a civilian and a terrorist, who are already challenging countries to identify them. The world is in want of an effective mechanism to distinguish dangerous figures from harmless ones, calling for measures to curdle the fast expansion of terrorist groups.

Topic B:

When the first astronaut in history managed to get rid of the restraints of gravity and wandered into the outer space, nature has unveiled its most mysterious secret for human beings-the infinite universe. Technology progress are propelling developed and developing countries to seek new ways to explore the ‘breathless’ vacuum, including the launch of satellites, the placement of scientific instruments as well as the construction of space station. As human desire grows, the benevolence of outer space could be abused to feed the expansion of military powers and the manipulation of information, generating significant threats to international peace.

Therefore, multiple agreements shall be reached to preserve the sustainable and peaceful exploitation of space resources. However, it is up to the nations to decide their responsibilities in designing and sustaining a healthy and equal framework of space exploration. The role of UN should also be considered in terms of future conflict prevention and resource allocation. Moreover, countries also have to work out the already tilted balance in space use as in contamination, lopsided cooperation and containment.