Fédération Internationale de Football Association

Topic A: Bidding for the 2026 World Cup

Topic B: Football, as a safer game

Size: 50 Delegates, Mixed Delegation

Rules of Procedure: Beijing Rules of Procedure

Working Language: English


The World Cup winner must simultaneously possess exquisite skills, elaborate tactics and outstanding resistance, while competing for the host of the world’s most influential sports gathering—the World Cup does not only require the showcase of strong national power, but also wit and charisma of applicants. Your performance counts. Which country will claim the honor of hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup? You are chosen to make the decision.

The 2016 football world was filled with terrorist threat, notorious cases of hooligan provocation, frequent occurrences of robbery and theft, unexpected terrible incidents on fields…such shadow blots out the incoming 2018 Russian World Cup and every other match. Voices of change are loud and desperate. Football has long been regarded as the most influential sports, and it is our joint responsibility to make football game a safer one with constructive ideas and proposals.

BIMUN 2017, FIFA, Your Choice, Your Football.